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ABEC Class Precision Bearings At Precision Revolution Manufacturing, we have a strong expertise in industrial motion related applications. We are manufacturers of “bearings” , “rollers” and “wheels” of all types. We have designed and manufactured integrated assemblies that include bearings, rollers, wheels, shafts and other machined or fabricated components.

We have domestic manufacturing facilities in West Suburban Milwaukee, Wisconsin, along with manufacturing facilities in Jiangsu, Ningbo and Cixi City, China.

We manufacture ABEC class deep groove precision bearings, tapered roller bearings, custom precision ball bearings, custom unground bearings, commercial catalog bearings, stamped or pressed light duty bearings, roller bearings, thrust bearings, housed bearings, pulley wheels, sprockets, casters and other industrial wheel applications and assemblies.

Our everyday mission is to make a difference for our customers, respect their wishes and strive to deliver beyond their expectations. We have a long and successful history of providing exceptional customer care. It starts with respectful dialogue and the diligence to clearly understand the objectives of our customers projects. We work together to develop and implement a plan to meet those objectives. We also bring innovation, enthusiasm and determination to all parts of the process.

We are people that are passionate about our business and we know it takes a team of people to accomplish our goals and the goals of our customers. Taking great care of our employees is our first action item of every day. We strive to be stewards for their welfare - that is our commitment.
For more information on Bearings or any of our products, please call us at 262-490-6490 or send us an email using our online form.

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